Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Our mission at The Wayward Artist is to transform a wayward world—its arrogance, its ignorance, its complacency. Theatre gives voice to human stories which at times make us uncomfortable. Artists highlight injustice. Through collaboration theatre participates in the human conversation in ways which expand understanding of ourselves and each other. We are deeply saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd and countless others, and in the wake of the movement and protests that have followed, we as a company are making an effort to educate ourselves more about racial inequality and effective solutions towards racial justice. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for justice and equality. We lend our privileged voice to the marginalized and oppressed. We recognize the need to educate ourselves and our audiences about the bigotry and racism which permeates our society. We seek transformation of our wayward world and of ourselves.


The Wayward Artist aims to recognize diversity in all its forms. In our casting, hiring, and ensemble we seek to celebrate the differences of all theater artists, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, nationality, language, religious beliefs or socioeconomic background. We strive to grow in equity, diversity, and inclusivity to reflect more accurately the great richness of our community. As a company, we recognize that the best time to be better is yesterday, and that the second-best time is today.  Therefore, we are committing to the following in order to do better than we have at representing the diverse perspectives of all of us:

  • To commit to color conscious casting in all productions at The Wayward Artist.

  • To open up our Wayward Underground slots to new perspectives by committing to produce a minimum of one Wayward Underground show per season that is written or directed from a BIPOC perspective.

  • To commit to having a minimum of at least one mainstage show per season focused explicitly on a BIPOC experience.

  • To have a committee dedicated to community outreach on a consistent basis.

  • To increase BIPOC representation as resident artists and board of directors, as having diversity in leadership is key to having representation at all levels of a production.

  • To provide resources to the company and community to educate and facilitate conversation, both in the physical space of our theatre, as well as on our website. 

  • To have an EDI representative within the company, as well as a third party representative to hold us accountable.

  • To include an EDI statement/resources as part of all artist contracts, with specific language meant to welcome people to our theater, as well as strong language regarding our response to any sort of discrimination or harassment.

  • To support female and non-binary artists by ensuring that we will have at least a 50% average of Women, Trans, and non-binary artists hired for our creative projects on an annual basis. 

  • To continually pursue our internship partnership with Santa Ana Community College and represent the diverse population of students there and in our community.

  • To provide an annual EDI report to provide assessment and transparency, ideally from a third party objective source.

  • To providing an avenue for all of our artists to provide honest feedback to the company during and after every significant creative endeavor without fear of punishment or reprisal.

  • To be proactive and intentional in our efforts to bring in a diverse group of artists to our theater by seeing local shows in the community and at the educational level.