What time can I arrive?
Gates open at 5:30PM! Please note that we cannot place any cars on-site prior to 5:30PM. Cars will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis, one car at a time, and in sections based on size of car and desired style of viewing (i.e. open hatchbacks, etc. – more information below).
Where is Mess Hall at FLIGHT in Tustin?
Mess Hall at FLIGHT is located at 1705 Flight Way, Tustin, CA 92782. The screening will take place on the 4-level Parking Structure between Flight Way and Airship. Click here for map and directions.
Please note that due to the venue being a multi-level parking structure, the clearance level for vehicles is 7’0″ (7 feet and 0 inches) so plan your ride accordingly!
How do I redeem my ticket?
Upon purchase, ticket will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment from AudienceView. When you arrive to the event, please show the attendant your ticket through your car window, either by holding up your printed version, or by displaying it on your phone or smart device. Attendant will scan it to check you in, and you’ll be good to go!
Do I need FM radio in my car?
YES! This is a “silent-style” Drive-In event, with no speakers. The film’s soundtrack will be accessible exclusively through your car’s FM Radio, for maximum social-distance safety. We will provide you with the FM station upon arrival. Make your your car has an FM radio so you can hear the film!
Can I bring food & snacks?
YES! Your car is your screening room — so bring all your favorite screening room snacks! Tustin’s Mess Hall will be open from 6:00pm – 8:00pm for a bite to eat before the movie starts!
We don’t imagine any of you would, but we have to ask that you don’t discard your trash out the window. (It’s happened…) That’d be a sure-fire way to ensure we’d never be welcome back — and we definitely want to come back to this venue! So please help us keep the grounds tidy!
Will you have restrooms?
Restrooms will be available at Mess Hall Market. As our approval of this event is based on our assurance of safety, we ask that folks wear protective masks when leaving your cars for any reason, including to use the restroom.
Remember to turn your engine off once in a while...
As you will be running your battery non-stop so that you can listen to the film on FM, you run the risk of killing your battery. We are always ready to go with the jumper cables for those who need them!, but to eliminate the risk of your battery dying, remember to turn your car on every once in a while.
...but mind your headlights!
Some cars have headlights that automatically turn on when the engine is turned over. There’s generally a setting to eliminate that — please make an effort to switch that setting so that your headlights don’t beam on when you power on your car, as headlights wipe out the image on the screen. We will have cardboard and tablecloths on hand for cars that may need help with this — let an attendant know if you need materials to cover your headlights.
Mind your dome lights and brake pedal...
We understand that sometimes you have to flick on the dome light to look for something in your car, but please don’t have your dome light on for a stretched period of time — and certainly, not through the entire film. Any light proves very distracting to the audience around you. And lastly — we understand that it sometimes feels instinctual to do so, but please make an effort to keep your foot off your brake pedal. In a dark environment, brake lights provide quite the surprising glow.
Can I sit in my truck bed? or Can I put my convertible top down?
or Can I throw the hatch of my hatchback up and sit in the back to watch the show?
  • Please note that tall cars / SUV’s / trucks will be parked in parking areas to the sides of the middle area, or along the back rows, to minimize obstruction of rows behind you.

  • Guests are allowed to sit in their truck beds, so long as they keep their protective masks on.

  • Guests are allowed to put their tops down, so long as they keep their protective masks on.

  • Raised hatches proved quite obstructive to rows of cars behind them in viewing the screen. If you’re absolutely set on sitting in your hatchback with your hatch up, you will be asked to park either to the sides of our car staging area, or along the back rows. And — like truckbeds and convertibles — if your hatch is open, we ask that you keep your masks on. Again, our approval of this event is based on our assurance of absolute safety, with folks keeping masks on when not inside their closed cars.

  • For trucks: Please keep in mind that the soundtrack is coming in through FM radio. As such, either have a low-volume FM radio in your truck bed with you, or you can slide open the little window to your truck bed and play through your car stereo at a reasonable volume. 

  • Please note: The clearance level for the parking structure is 7’0″ (7 feet and 0 inches). If your vehicle is taller than this, you will not be able to enter the parking structure.