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Breath of Fire: Latina Theater Ensemble

Located in Grand Central Art Center is an amazing ensemble of theatermakers called Breath of Fire: Latina Theater Ensemble. As described on their website they are "the only Latina theater company in Orange County." The ensemble started over fifteen years ago to "support the work and enrich the lives of Latinas in the performing arts, to provide representation, opportunities and leadership roles in traditional arts communities."

Coming Up: Staged Stories

Episode 4: Humor, Hardship, Uncertainty and Dystopian Possibilities

"An evening of fun, thought provoking, relevant new works, poetry and interviews - a result of our commitment to holding space for artists in our community. We provide resources to storytell, to workshop, table read, discuss, devise, perform, and more. Our episodes involve over thirty BIPOC artists and the numbers keep growing. Many of the pieces have gone on to be fully realized productions for other festivals and theatres. Warning: episode may contain strong language and mature content."

For more info and to RSVP visit Breath of Fire's website.

For now, check out episode 2!

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