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Get Involved: Filipinx American History Month Edition!

Here are some local organizations doing wonderful things for the community that you can support!


SIPA is a non-profit organization serving Historic Filipinotown and other neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area. SIPA produces multiple programs for youth and families including mental health services, after school programs, cultural enrichment, and affordable housing. Founded in 1972, SIPA’s mission to enrich and empower generations of Filipinx Americans is going strong! To find more information about SIPA or their programs, visit their website.

SPACE is a place to decolonize, destigmatize, educate, and empower. The organization envisions empowered and critically conscious Filipinx students. They strive to cultivate a community that offers self discovery in order to encourage empowerment and promote access to higher education.

Looking for organizations and businesses that are Filipinx-owned? Pinoy California has a list of Filipinx businesses in CA from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Check out the list!

Hire Filipinx artists! Here is a directory to some amazing Filipinx-American artists, across all disciplines. Fill your space with some art! We recommend you check out their instagram for some awesome visuals.

Located in San Francisco, BindlestiffSF is one of the only theaters in the country focused on producing Filipinx/Filipinx-American narratives. Although they’re a bit far from Orange County, you can still participate in their online classes and shows! You don’t have to be Filipinx to participate, in fact Bindlestiff boasts a diverse cohort in every production. Check them out!

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