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Get Involved: September 15, 2020

Here are some local Latinx organizations and businesses you can support!

Brown Bag Theatre Company

Based in Irvine, CA, Brown Bag Theatre Company is an ensemble of artists dedicated to producing artistic work that reflects and empowers the Latinx community. They have recently collaborated with Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble to produce Staged Stories. For more information about BBTC or to attend Staged Stories, visit their website.

Cocinita Morenita

Run by OC-native and proud Latina, Adriana Rodriguez, Cocinita Morenita sells homemade cookies! Cocinita Morenita is currently raising funds for The African American Policy Forum. 20% of each order will be donated to AAPF. To buy cookies and see what’s new, check out their instagram.

Casa de La Familia

Mental health holds a huge stigma in the Latinx community. Dr. Ana Nogales has made it her career goal to minimize the mental health stigma and offer advocacy services to her clients. Based in Santa Ana, the primary focus for the services is underrepresented and underserved populations while taking care to provide culturally appropriate and relevant services. For more information, visit their website.


LibroMobile is a literary project based in Santa Ana. Local author and LibroMobile’s founder, Sarah Rafael García, aims to integrate literature, visual exhibits and year-round creative workshops and live readings. LibroMobile’s home is right in The Wayward Artist’s backyard on “La Calle Cuarto” (4th Street) and helps build a community of literacy in DTSA. Consider buying your next book through LibroMobile’s website.

Chicanas, Cholas, y Chisme

Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme is a theater collective of emerging Chicana/Latinx playwrights, directors and producers. They host weekly meetings to encourage Latinas of all ages to expand their imaginations while supporting each other. Their weekly Saturday morning event, “CCC Writes,” presents a writing prompt to encourage a creative outlet and foster a community of writers. To find out more, visit their website!

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