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Read, Watch, Listen: Filipinx American History Month Edition!

As we shelter-in-place, it's a lot harder to enjoy our favorite means of entertainment. But, we put together a list of things to read, watch, and listen to keep you entertained from the safety of your home.

Some suggestions courtesy of Filipinx-American artists: Jaz Aiza Obiacoro, Andrew Aggabao, and Ramon Suzara!



Global Divas: Filipino Gay Men in the Diaspora

by Martin F. Manlansan

If you want a comprehensive and nuanced point of view on Filipinx identity, look no further. Manlansan takes us to the intersection of migration, Filipinx identities, and Queer identities. This book is life changing, highly recommend. Check it out on Duke's website.

Little Manila is in the Heart

Dawn Bohulano Mabalon

“Little Manila was home to the largest community of Filipinas/os outside of the Philippines until the neighborhood was decimated by urban redevelopment in the 1960s. Narrating a history spanning much of the twentieth century, Dawn Bohulano Mabalon traces the growth of Stockton's Filipina/o American community, the birth and eventual destruction of Little Manila, and recent efforts to remember and preserve it.”

If you weren’t aware, Filipina/os were integral to the framework of California, specifically to the agricultural communities along the state. Look up the communities in Stockton, Monterey, and more. Get a copy on Amazon.

The Gangster of Love

Jessica Hagedorn

“Rocky Rivera arrives in the U.S. from the Philippines the day that Jimi Hendrix dies. So begins a blazing coming-of-age story suffused with the tensions of immigration which finds Rocky moving from the counter-culture in 1960s San Francisco to the extravagant music scene in Manhattan of the 1980s.” Check it out on Jessica Hagedorn’s website!


Eva Noblezada & Lea Salonga

"YELLOW ROSE is the timely story of a Filipina teen from a small Texas town who fights to pursue her dreams as a country music performer while having to decide between staying with her family or leaving the only home she has known."

Eva Noblezada and Lea Salonga are two trailblazers for AAPI, specifically Filipinx/Filipinx American, representation in theater. Salonga is a Filipina movie-star in her own right, and you haven't lived until you've seen her in a film. Click here to learn more!

Dominic Lim

Although we have some feelings about South Pacific, we'll overlook them for approximately four minutes to appreciate the wonderful voice of Dominic Lim. Bay Area-based, Filipinx actor, writer, and storyteller, Dominic Lim gives us a version of This Nearly Was Mine that we never knew we needed. Learn more about Dominic at his website.

Brandon English


“Bakla centers around a character named Brandon, a queer Filipino American, and the major anxiety he faces when his mom reminds him to wish his grandma a happy birthday. The film follows Brandon’s stream of consciousness as he meditates to get through his panic attack.” Read more on Independent Magazine's website, and check out Bakla's instagram.



Ruby Ibarra

Iconic. Amazing. Phenomenal. All these adjectives describe Ruby Ibarra, a Bay-Area rapper and activist. Her album gives us a taste of the Filipinx experience in language, empowerment, and flavor. Give this album a listen, you won’t regret it. Listen on Spotify.



H.E.R encompasses so many things, but can we just talk about what an amazing musician she is? She plays multiple instruments, writes lyrics like poetry, and the image?! Damage is a new release, but we encourage you to check out I Used to Know Her as well. Listen on Spotify.



FOBcast is a podcast exploring Filipino American immigrant stories, produced by Bindlestiff Studio. This podcast is part of the exhibition program "IF A TREE FALLS," curated by YBCA fellow and SOMA curator/organizer, Lian Ladia. Produced by Aureen Almario, Joe Cascasan, Ed Mabasa, Lian Ladia, Julio Lara & Oliver Saria. Check it out on Bindlestiff's website!

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