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What is there to do when our past histories interfere with our present conflict? How does one expect a witch, a smarmy elf, and a camp counselor to build sustainably? These are the questions posed by three-college-dropouts with conflicting agendas. This evening, we delve deep into an investigation of non-profit organization, candidly referred to as, The Queer Couch: a coalition designed to, according to its members, initiate a reform to the high school hierarchy. So how could a mission so modest meet such a devastating end? Join us in a series of live exclusive interviews, as we uncover the truth behind the tragedy. Behind the tension and ultimate betrayal that led to their end.

The Queer couch 2FF05B4C-20CF-4A65-85F2-59B908D747FB.png

AUGUST 25 - 26 @7:30pm

AUGUST 27 @2:00pm

Brooke Aston Harper - Director.jpg

Brooke Aston Harper

Director of Programming/


WA Art_33.33x.png

Jenelle Huck

Stage Manager

WA Art_33.33x.png

Antonio Beach

Scenic Design

WA Art_33.33x.png

Christopher Aceves

Costume Design

WA Art_33.33x.png

B.J. Tindal


WA Art_33.33x.png

Maansi Seth


Alex Riley headshot.JPG

Alex Riley

Zayn Torrence



Elli Luke


Azizah Stewart.HEIC

Aziza Stewart


chris diem headshot.jpeg

Chris Diem



Gaelyn Wilkie

Multi character

Questions and Inquiries:

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