AUDITIONS will be held Sunday February 6th 10:00am-1:00pm 

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Based on the 1984 cult film, The Toxic Avenger is a hilarious rock musical comedy full of irreverent satire, wit, and catchy tunes.  Melvin Ferd, the Third, wants to clean up Tromaville, the most polluted town in New Jersey.  Foiled by the mayor's bullies, Melvin is dumped into a vat of radioactive toxic waste, only to reemerge as the Toxic Avenger, New Jersey's first superhero. Affectionately known as Toxie, our new hero is a seven-foot mutant freak with superhuman strength and a heart as big as Newark. He's out to save New Jersey, end global warming, and woo the blind librarian in town.  It's a toxic love story with an environmental twist! 

APRIL 22-23 @7:30PM

APRIL 24 @2:00PM

APRIL 28-30 @7:30PM

MAY 1 @2:00PM

MAY 5-7 @7:30PM

MAY 8 @2:00PM


Craig Tyrl

Musical Director

Stephen Hulsey


Keenah Armitage

Interested in working on this project? We always love working with new artists on our Production Team! Please email to inquire.