by Hope Villanueva

Premiering August 26th-28th, 2022

Sang Dao has spent his life since immigrating as a toddler running his family’s Vietnamese and seafood shop. Now, it’s just him and his two grown daughters and there is an opportunity to sell the restaurant. Neither of the girls live close anymore and they gather for the anniversary of their younger brother’s death, the eldest daughter with plans to lock in the sale. Things get complicated when the weekend is disrupted by a racist act of graffiti, both raising the desire to move on and the ownership of their family home. When Sang Dao is visited by spectres of the past, he has to take a look at where they’ve been, where they’re going, and what home really means.

Are you a director, designer, or stage manager who would like to get involved with The Wayward Artist’s Wayward Voices? Anyone with a commitment to uplifting BIPOC voices should apply.

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Tech rehearsals on May 31st-June 3rd, 2022. Auditions will be held on April 26th-29th with 5 rehearsals determined by the director throughout May.