Call for Playwright Festival!

A full production of a completed work featuring BIPOC characters selected from submissions from playwrights who identify as BIPOC. Presented in June 2022.

The culmination of our playwright festival in which we present a fully realized production of a selected, full-length play written by a BIPOC artist. The playwright will have some control in collaboration with the producing company over the selection of a director. This play will be selected in tandem with and from submissions to Wayward Voices Reads.

The director will have reasonable creative control over the production in collaboration with the producing company and will have contact with the playwright. Performers will be selected from the company and the general public through a traditional audition process. Designers and technicians will be selected in collaboration with the producing company.

A full production of the selected play will be presented with 2-4 performances over a weekend in August

Schedule of Important Dates

December 10th, 2021-January 15th, 2022: Accept Play Submissions For Reads and Presents

March 12th, 2022: Announcement of Selected Works

March 15th, 2022 -April 1st, 2022: Director Submissions

April 4th-6th, 2022: Director Interviews

April 8th, 2022: Director Selection

May 1st, 2022: Working Script due for Pre-production

May-July 2022: Pre-production for director, technicians, and designers

July 5th-7th, 2022: Open auditions and callbacks

July 11th, 2022: Finalize Cast

July 25th, 2022: Company Meeting and First Rehearsal 

August 22nd, 2022-August 25th: Technical Rehearsal

August 26th-28th, 2022: Performance


  • The Playwright must identify as BIPOC

  • The playwright’s work must include at least 3 and no more than 8 actors

  • 50% or more of the characters must identify as BIPOC

  • The play must be complete or near-complete on submission

  • Artist must provide own housing and transportation or be able to join virtually

  • Artist is available for the dates listed above 

  • The script must be unpublished

  • We are not accepting musicals or plays with music

Submission Guidelines

  • Please follow the submit button above to submit the following:

    • Name and contact information

    • Brief Summary of the history of the play (previous readings or productions)

    • Confirm the play is unpublished and financially unattached

    • Whether you would like to be considered for a reading, full production, or both

    • Confirm estimated run time between 70 and 150 minutes.  

    • A Brief Summary (1 page or less)

    • Character Breakdown

    • Setting Breakdown

    • Draft Script 

The Wayward Artist

The company will provide the following:

  • $300 honorarium to the playwright

  • Venue 

  • Director

  • Stage Manager

  • Lighting Designer

  • Set Designer

  • Costumes

  • Audio

  • Videographer

  • Marketing

  • Box Office Management