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Wayward Voices is a space to amplify, uplift, and empower BIPOC artists. Our goal is to produce work that inspires and activates artists and artists in development.  
Wayward Voices will be the foundation of The Wayward Artist's commitment to producing work that reflects the truth of our existence and to tell the many stories that are ready to be let loose into the world.


May 20 @7:30pm

Breath of Fire, “a theater that cares [about] its surrounding community…producing vitally relevant and topical work" (Joel Beers, theatre critic and journalist), is an award-winning, only Latina theater company in Orange County, based in downtown Santa Ana, the corazón of the county—came into existence to support the work and enrich the lives of Latinas in the performing arts, to provide representation, opportunities, and leadership roles in traditional arts communities.  Conceived in the early 2000’s, receivings its non-profit status in 2007, has been making an indelible mark on the Orange County arts scene and the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Awarded as a Community Leader by OC Human Relations  as “a group who has made extraordinary contributions to the  county in the area of human and or civil rights.”  In that time, it has produced more than 20 world premieres. 

Since its 2015 re-emergence, Breath of Fire continues to strive to support its mission and to create a more just, more equitable community by: supporting the creative growth of theater artists from historically underrepresented communities, with an emphasis on the Latine community; telling stories that reflect the full complexity and diversity of our community; and sharing stories with our community, in places where people are. Founded on the principles of ensemble collaboration and artistic risk, Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble is also committed to developing new works by local and national BIPOC artists. For more information visit: or follow @boflte.

Three Conversations with my Dead Dad, by Elvia Susana Rubalcava, is a story about remembrance. Long after her father has passed away, Vero finally unpacks the boxes from her dad’s house, only to find old books, pictures, and memories aren’t the only things spilling out of them.

Wilt, by Baylee Shlichtman, centers on Evan, who is on the run. When he wraps his car around a tree, he’s rescued by two very different sisters and taken to their house. It’s a place where objects appear at will, the walls are loud, and the flowers have their secrets. And then there’s the stuffed elephant from Evan’s past that just won’t go away. 

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Melanie Queponds


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Cynthia Espinosa

Stage Manager

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Elvia Susana Rubalcava


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Baylee Shlichtman


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Brooke Aston Harper

Director of Programming

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