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Co-Artistic Director search at The Wayward Artist

The Wayward Artist was founded in 2017, by Craig Tyrl and Kristin Campbell.  With the support of an ensemble of artists, these foundational members built the company from the ground up.   The company’s incredible growth artistically, financially, and professionally was due in part to countless volunteer hours.  

Although the company has always paid artists working professionally in the space, the administrative needs were donated by those who passionately believed in the mission of the company.  Personal and professional satisfaction came not in compensation, but through the rewards of creativity and collaboration which established The Wayward Artist as an impactful and influential theater of note in Orange County.  The company is building a legacy.  In seven short years, the company has grown to a place where it can begin to pay its administrative/leadership team.  

Although the company remains years away from supporting full time sustainable career positions, the growth trajectory is headed in this direction.  The Wayward Artist seeks its next artistic director who understands the importance of investment in the mission which helped build the company. The ideal candidate recognizes the value of realizing a personal vision and legacy. This candidate accepts that the part-time stipend available is the next important step towards long term sustainability.  

At The Wayward Artist, we believe that finding the right candidate for this position is not solely defined by a checklist of qualifications. While the following criteria outline the desired qualifications for the position, we encourage individuals who may not meet every requirement to still apply.

Accepting submissions until October 31st, 2023.

For inquiries, please email Artistic Director Craig Tyrl

Interested in working on a production with us? Please join our database of designers (scenic, lighting, sound, costume, properties, etc), directors, choreographers, musical directors, technical directors, stage managers, and more!


The Wayward Artist is a home for artists of all types. Creating art is a collaborative and imaginative process grounded in the trust of an ensemble. As working professionals, our resident artists are intimately familiar with the challenges a career in the performing arts entails. Moreover, as educators our company recognizes the importance of training and mentorship. Whether you are a novice, or you have spent your whole in the theatre, The Wayward Artist offers a home for the lost, the naked, the vulnerable. 

Interested? Please email

Volunteer opportunities and internships are available in the following areas:

Community Outreach

House Management/Ushers


Stage Management

Stage Crew

Scenic Support

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