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Inclusion, Diversity,
Equity, & Accessibility.

At The Wayward Artist, we are dedicated to cultivating a transformative environment that embraces inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Collaborating with theatre artists allows us to engage in meaningful dialogues that broaden our perspectives and deepen our connections with one another. Our belief in the power of storytelling that mirrors the richness of human experience propels us towards a more just society.


The Wayward Artist is committed to nurturing a creative space that is open and inviting to all individuals. We actively advance anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and pro-diversity initiatives while implementing policies and measures that promote equity and accessibility within our spaces. In our casting choices and ensemble compositions we celebrate the unique identities of all theatre artists, encompassing aspects such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, nationality, language, religious beliefs, body type, and socioeconomic background. Discrimination and prejudice in any form have no place within our organization.


Outlined below are the core policies and practices we diligently work to embody, ensuring that The Wayward Artist remains a sanctuary for the marginalized, the underserved, and the historically oppressed:

  • 50% of artists actively engaged in our creative endeavors will be individuals from Black, Indigenous, or other communities of color (BIPOC) or LGBTQIA+.

  • 50% of artists involved in our creative initiatives will identify as female, non-binary, or gender non-conforming.

  • 50% of our artistic programming will be dedicated to showcasing BIPOC, disabled, female, or LGBTQIA+ characters, playwrights, and narratives.

  • Efforts will be made to amplify BIPOC representation within our resident artists and board of directors, recognizing that diversity in leadership is essential for comprehensive representation across all production levels.

  • Color-conscious casting principles will be strictly adhered to in all productions at The Wayward Artist.

  • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) will be a recurring focal point during our monthly company meetings.

  • Annual IDEA training sessions will be conducted for company members and executive staff to foster anti-racist ideologies and behaviors, coupled with periodic demographic surveys to track our progress.

  • Artist contracts and our website will incorporate an IDEA statement along with pertinent resources, featuring language that warmly embraces individuals to our theatre and unequivocally condemns all forms of discrimination or harassment.

  • An IDEA representative from the company who is not a member of the executive staff will attend the first rehearsal of each production to articulate our unwavering commitment to all artists within our realm.

  • A formal and streamlined process for reporting incidents of harassment and discrimination is readily available and prominently displayed to maintain a harassment-free environment. All complaints will be handled professionally by TWA management who will consult with human resources professionals who will treat each report with utmost seriousness, conducting thorough due diligence and investigation.

As we prepare our own community agreements, we welcome community questions and feedback. Please contact us here.

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