Inclusion, Diversity,
Equity, & Accessibility.

The Wayward Artist strives to foster a creative atmosphere where all are welcome. We aim to create an inclusive and safe environment for all, and for our casting and programming to reflect the diversity of our community.

We are not only taking steps towards being anti-racist, we are also implementing practices and policies that strive for equity and accessibility in our spaces. The theatre should be a place where all are welcome, and as we continue to learn and grow, we see more clearly that we must be proactive in our efforts to create a working environment where everyone feels safe and included, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We have no tolerance for bigotry or discrimination of any kind.


We have an ongoing, company-wide dialogue as we seek to improve our practices, and we continue to expand our plans to actively create a more equitable theatre community, not just in our casts but also in our crew and our creative teams, the shows we pick, and in our collaborations with new artists. This statement does not take the place of a community agreement, but rather as we create our agreements and expectations with our artists and our community, we hope this statement will provide some clarity as to where The Wayward Artist stands; we continue to be a home for a Wayward artist:

the lost, the naked, and the vulnerable.

As we prepare our own community agreements, we welcome community questions and feedback. Please contact us here.