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Supported by a California Arts Council Youth Grant, this family friendly show for young people is this year’s holiday event.  When a feisty band of pirates runs into a group of lucky leprechauns on a magical island, they discover they're both hunting for the same prize: Greenbeard's treasure. After fighting and competing with each other, they realize they can do better by working together. When they finally find the treasure, it isn't what they expected.


December 8 @7pm

December 9 @11am, 2pm, 5pm

December 10 @2pm, 5pm

December 15 @7pm

December 16 @11am, 2pm, 5pm

December 17 @2pm, 5pm

if you're interested in working on this project with us please email your resume to

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Craig Holland


Sydney Fitzgerald Headshot.JPG

Sydney Fitzgerald


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